Aidan Black

Truebreed Legion Council member, High General of the Legion Armies


Height: 6’2"
Weight: 219 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light blue
Age: 27
Scars/Tattoos: None
Other: Aidan is a confident leader, and eloquent speaker. His voice is strong and passionate, with a morale raising quality capable of uplifting the hearts of those who hear it. Aidan is proper and knightly to a fault, having little tolerance for disrespect or rude behavior.

Aidan Black is the youngest High General the Legion has ever known. His tactical brilliance and masterful swordsmanship are hailed as being the finest in Valcarnum, so fine in fact that the great Marban Heartsbane has been quoted as saying that Aidan’s is the only sword that gives him pause.

Aidan was born into the honorable house Black, a well known house famous for producing loyal and proud knights, most of which die living their motto, “Our dying breath.” Aidan has been groomed for battle since he could hold a sword, he is a skilled horseman, and deadly hand to hand combatant.

After a stunning underdog victory at the battle of Hammercrown, an eighteen year old Aidan was awarded a battlefield promotion, making him the youngest general in Legion history. Subsequent victories and campaigns saw Aidan rise to the rank of High General.

Aidan Black

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