Bartholomew Evermoore

Psyborn, Grand Archivist, Master librarian


Height: 5’7"
Weight: 147 lbs.
Hair: Balding
Eyes: Brown
Age: Unverified – mid eighties
Scars/Tattoos: None
Other: Constantly mutters to himself or rambles on to anyone who will listen. Speaks literally at all times and is never wrong.

Bartholomew Evermoore is the master librarian at Evermoore’s Infinite Archives and head of The Order. His appointment to head curator included a customary change from his original unknown name to Bartholomew Evermoore, in honor the Archive’s original founder. Little is known of exactly when Bartholomew became the acting curator or of his life before then, but it is thought that his service to the Order has spanned decades.

Bartholomew is renowned amongst scholars for his exhaustive knowledge across countless academic disciplines and if ever there was a man who knew everything, it would be Bartholomew. He endeavors in an endless pursuit of knowledge, which has turned him into somewhat of a recluse, who is seldom seem outside of the Archives’ inner sanctum. Those who get a chance to speak with him in the flesh are often frustrated by his inability to keep conversations on topic. He tends to meander, reciting little known facts and historical narratives.

Bartholomew Evermoore

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