Bavarus Blackmoons

Primeborn Legion Council member


Height: 5’9"
Weight: 164
Hair: Bald/Black
Eyes: Amber/red
Age: 32
Scars/Tattoos: None
Other: When angered Bavarus’ usual cool Amber eyes turn a fiery red. He speaks bluntly, almost condescendingly to those he feels are beneath his station.

After the untimely and mysterious death of his brother Varithas, Bavarus has reluctantly become the Primeborn Legion council member. The youngest of Voltarius Blackmoons three sons, Bavarus had never expected to lead either in Grand Alarus or Legion Hold. His ascension to this position is in direct accordance with the long standing Alarian Pact, and not a subject of debate with his father.

Prior to this turn of events Bavarus led a life of apathy and privilege, never caring about the affairs of others or problems in the world. However, since claiming the Primeborn council seat Bavarus has become passionate and driven, finally giving purpose to an otherwise uninspiring existence.

Bavarus Blackmoons

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