Deacon Nyte

Truebreed, Covenant Court, Grand General of the Covenant Armies


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 38
Scars/Tattoos: Battle scarred, Covenant Symbol on upper right shoulder.
Other: Deacon is the epitome of a perfect soldier, he is respectful, dutiful, and only speaks when spoken to. Normally soft spoken, Deacons voice on the battlefield becomes powerful and inspiring raising the spirits of those who hear it.

Deacon Nyte is the Truebreed bastard son of former Alarian, Fierdren Nyterran. When he was only a newborn, his father’s affair with Deacon’s Truebreed mother was discovered by the other ruling Alarians. Fierdren’s subsequent refusal to abandon his illegitimate son would constitute one of the greatest scandals to ever plague Grand Alarus. The Conclave’s prosecution of the Nyterrans would force Fierdren to flee westward with his young sons, Deacon and Mestoph. Eventually the outcast Primeborn would find their new home in the Covenant capital of Wolves’ Haven. Fierdren’s reputation preceded him and it was not long before Emperor Geranus seized the opportunity to have the former Alarian and all his secrets under his regime.

Deacon’s childhood was difficult, his mother had gone missing during their escape from Grand Alarus, never to be seen or heard from again. His father became very devoted to his new position, and had little time to involve himself in his son’s lives. Much of Deacon’s youth was spent in the shadow of his older brother Mestoph. Both boys would grow up to be exceptional warriors, Mestoph relying on his raw strength and endurance, while Deacon used cunning and strategy to achieve victory. Deacon’s keen understanding of tactics would catch the eye of Geranus Marcavius who would personally mentor Deacon, grooming him to be the Covenant’s future Grand General.

Deacon is a brilliant strategist who has served tirelessly under the rules of both Geranus and Neconis. He considers every battle to be another opportunity to hone his ingenuity and combat skill. The rivalry with his half brother fuels his drive to be the greatest soldier in the eyes of not only his Emperor but his father as well.

Deacon Nyte

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