Emperor Neconis Marcavius

Truebreed, Emperor of the Covenant


Height: 5’11"
Weight: 189 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Age: 26
Scars/Tattoos: None
Other: Neconis exudes confidence and always presents himself with an air of nobility. He speaks calmly and authoritatively, having little patience for ignorance or rudeness of any kind.

Neconis is the great grandson of Ionnas Marcavius, the original founder of both the Legion and the Covenant. He is the fourth Emperor of the Covenant, succeeding his father Emperor Geranas Marcavius. Neconis is proactive in expanding his factions borders and spares no expense on military training and operations. He is compared to his great grandfather quite frequently and has almost exceeded Ionnas in the amount of territory he has acquired for the Covenant.

Neconis grew up with the finest education and training. He has been personally tutored by the greatest weapons, tactics, and hand to hand combat instructors in the land. Neconis is a master swordsman and fearless commander, he has on many occasions joined the Covenants army in battle with himself leading the charge.

During the last conflict between the factions, Neconis met the Legions’ High general Aidan Black in fearsome one on one single combat. This clash of commanders took on such an epic semblance that onlookers said it felt as if the battle around them ground to a halt, silently paying homage to thier general’s deadly dance of steel. The duel ended with no victor, both men bering ushered away by their calls of duty.

Emperor Neconis Marcavius

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