Gabrien Glenmoore

Psyborn Legion High Consular


Height: 6’2"
Weight: 154
Hair: Bald/White
Eyes: Blue
Age: 70
Scars/Tattoos: Gabrien displays traditional Psyborn head tattoos, six small arcane symbols in two lines starting at his hairline and continuing backwards across his scalp. He also wears a long well kept white beard.
Other: Despite his age and his Psyborn blood, Gabrien is remarkably healthy and physically fit. He speaks in a soft voice and rarely shows negative emotions.

Gabrien is the grandson of the new Legion’s first high consular Algust Glenmoore. Gabrien has been involved with Legion politics from a very young age and has made a name for himself as being a fair and just government official.

Many years ago Gabrien made a pilgrimage to The Howling Coast with the intent to improve relations between the Legion and the Wildborn. During his mission of peace, Gabrien was able to meet with several chieftains, none more important than the legendary Alphadrogus Marban Heartsbane. After months of conversing Gabrien was able to convince Marban to accept the role of Wildborn Legion Council member. This pact with Marban represents the first time that a Wildborn would sit as member of the Legion’s hierarchy.

As of late Gabrien has been tirelessly working to stop the Hemotheurgy plague that is quickly enveloping the land. He has even attempted to open the lines of communication with The Grey City and Emperor Neconis about theses issues but so far has been unsuccessful in doing so.

Gabrien Glenmoore

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