Lusiteria Wanderling

Aegisborn Legion Council member, Voice of the Legion


Height: 5’5"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Golden
Age: 34
Scars/Tattoos: Long thin scar on the left side of her face, multiple other minor scars on her upper body.
Other: Lusiteria is warm and easily approachable by any person regardless of their social status. She speaks in an pleasant, strong voice, that has an uplifting and calming quality to it.

Lusiteria was born into nobility, her father Navrin Wanderling is the lord of Titancrest Harbor and an admiral in the Legion’s naval fleet. From an early age Lusiteria showed an interest in politics and helping people, she worked closely with her father and as she came of age, took on many leadership roles within the booming port city.

During her time as an ambassador for Titancrest Lusiteria became very close friends with the then Legion council member Varithas Blackmoons. Years later Lusiteria would be summoned to Legion Hold by Gabrien Glenmoore to become the new Aegisborn representative and Voice of the Legion. After only a short time in office her close friend and confidant Varithas passed away suddenly and under mysterious circumstances. Much to Lusiteria’s disdain Varithas was replaced by his younger self-indulgent brother Bavarus.

Lusiteria is an avid sailor and thought to possess all of her esteemed fathers wisdom in navigation and seamanship. As The Voice, she makes frequent trips to other cities in an effort to foster relations between them and the Legion.

Lusiteria Wanderling

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