Marban Heartsbane

Wildborn Legion Council member


Height: 6’10"
Weight: 293 lbs.
Hair: Sandy Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Age: 45
Scars/Tattoos: Heavily battle scarred
Other: Marban’s massive power radiates through him, giving him an air of intimidation that even other Wildborn wouldn’t dare challenge. He speaks in deep, growling voice, and has an unsettling predatory like stare.

Marban was born during the summer of fire, or Yaragrena in wildborn tongue. This rare seasonal event occurs once every 300 years and always precedes a time of great conflict amongst the Fenrir. From the moment of his birth Marban has been hailed as the Alphadrogus, the chosen of Gaia herself, prophesied to bring an end to the suffering of the land and lead the earth mothers first progeny to untold glory.

Marban’s early adulthood was spent in battle, a constant ebb and flow of tribal war which hardened the young warrior and forged him into a combat juggernaut. After many years of conflicts large and small, Marban has been able to unite many of the tribes and settle much of the infighting amongst the Wildborn. Almost a full foot taller than any of his tribesmen and twice as muscular, Marban exudes an intimidating aura which buckles the knees of even the most stalwart soldiers. Along with his appearance, the tales of his battle prowess and unchained ferocity further perpetuate Marban as a living legend, granting him near mythical status and widespread renown.

Coming as a shock to his brethren, Marban accepted Gabrien Glenmoore’s offer to sit as the Wildborn Legion council member, and commander in the Legion army. Some Wildborn chieftains and warriors see this as an act of cowardice, and quietly revile Marban’s decision to leave. With his absence on The Howling Coast, tribal conflicts have once again began to flare, threatening to ignite the coast in an all out civil war. Despite all of this, Marban believes in The Legion, and views his presence within it as fulfilling his destiny to his people.

Marban Heartsbane

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