Mestoph the Iron Bull

Primeborn, Emporer's Shield


Height: 6’5"
Weight: 279 lbs.
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Hazel
Age: 43
Scars/Tattoos: Covenant symbol w/ shield tattooed on upper right shoulder.
Other: Mestoph does not speak often but when he does people listen. His voice is deep and often times intimidating.

Mestoph Nyterran, better known through out the land as Mestoph the Iron Bull, is the first son of disgraced former Alarian Fierdren Nyterran. After leaving Grand Alarus, Mestoph, Fierdren, and his bastard half brother Deacon fled to the west, eventually ending up in the Covenant’s high seat of Wolves’ Haven. Word spread of Fierdren’s removal from the Conclave and his hatred of the Primeborn who ousted him. Emperor Geranus quickly approached him and offered him a position as an adviser within his court.

As Mestoph reached adulthood the Emperor charged him with the protection of his most prized possession, his son and crown prince Neconis. Several years later Geranus died and Neconis became the new Emperor. Neconis retained Mestoph as his shield and is rarely seen in public without him.

Mestoph exudes strength and is an intimidating presence in any room. Although rare, attempts have been made on the Emperors life, those who tried have met terrible and horrifying ends at the hands of the Iron Bull.

Mestoph the Iron Bull

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