Ratak the Red Warden

Wildborn, Covenant Court, Hand of the Emperor


Height: 6’1"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Hair: Ruddy brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Age: 29
Scars/Tattoos: Covenant symbol w/ hand tattoo on upper right shoulder
Other: When on official Covenant business, Ratak wears the customary red mask of the Hand of the Emperor. His movements are graceful and lithe, and he speaks with and unknown accent.

Not much is known of the man they call the red warden. A Wildborn hunter whose quarry consists of those who would defy the Emperor’s will, Ratak has become a ghost story among leeches and criminals alike. They say he does not sleep, that he feasts on the souls of those which he hunts, and that he wears the mask to cover his monstrous undead visage. These rumors strike fear into the hearts of those who would draw the red wardens vigilant gaze, and give the Covenant’s subjects a sense of safety in these unsafe times.

In reality, Ratak is a skin walker, or Volgrusai, in Wildborn tongue. These extremely rare individuals are Wildborn gifted with the ability to shape change into any natural animal form. Although shape shifting is not uncommon amongst Wildborn, they are typically only able to shift into one form which manifests itself during their adolescence. Ratak prefers to assume the form of a raven, silently observing his territory from high above the trees.

Ratak the Red Warden

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