Voltarius Blackmoons


Height: 5’9"
Weight: 158
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Dark red
Age: 79
Scars/Tattoos: None
Other: Voltarius speaks in a very proper and stately voice. He is haughty and intolerant of any non Primeborn, women, and Primeborn that are below his station.

Voltarius Blackmoons is the grandson of the venerated Thelras Blackmoons. His bloodline has ruled Grand Alarus for three centuries. Voltarius is very proud of his heritage and the fact that in their storied history the Blackmoons’ have never birthed a non-primeborn child. Although rare, Truebreed offspring can be born of two craftborn, this event is heavily frowned upon in Primeborn culture usually resulting in the killing of the child.

Voltarius has three sons, his oldest Thelamon, is next in line to rule over Grand Alarus as First Alarian. Voltarius’ second son Varithas was the Legion’s Primeborn council member until his mysterious and untimely death. His youngest son Bavarus, has recently become the new Legion council member in place of his late brother.

Voltarius is a mean spirited and hateful man who still believes that the Primeborn should rule Valcarnum. He despises any non Primeborn and vehemently promotes Grand Alarus as the only truly civilized culture in the land.

Voltarius Blackmoons

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