Wellington Bottomsworth III

Truebreed Governor of the Grey city, wealthiest man in the world.


Height: 5’5"
Weight: 325 lbs.
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Brown
Age: 66
Scars/Tattoos: None
Other: Wellington speaks in a soft slightly raspy voice. He is generally always condescending and bossy, caring little for the feelings of others. Wellington wears a variety of colored wigs ranging from simple to overly elaborate.

Wellington Bottomsworth is the governor of The Grey City, the economic capital of Valcarnum. The merchant guilds of the Grey City first noticed Wellington at the age of 22 when he became the youngest leader the Textile Guild had ever seen. From this position, an ambitious Wellington began the methodical construction of his business empire. Ever the visionary, Bottomsworth kept reinvesting his capital into additional business ventures until he had a hand in nearly every profitable dealing within the walls of The Grey City.

Bottomsworth’s largest project, the Wellington canal, was a huge undertaking and a massive success. With the profits earned from this new wonder, young Wellington was able to buy out the other guild leaders and ensconce himself as Governor of the most profitable city in the land.

Currently, Wellington is publicly funding many programs to aid against the Hemotheurgy epidemic that is engulfing Valcarnum.

Wellington Bottomsworth III

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