1st of RaindawnLumnisol/Onir’s Day
This holiday traditionally marks the first stirrings of the vernal season. It is a time for purification and spring cleaning in anticipation of the year’s new life. Followers of The Radiant Father believe this holiday to be their most sacred, as it marks the day when Onir banished The Stygian Lords to the realm of shadow. On this day Radiants light candles to honor their God and observe their religious belief to “cast no shadows” on Onir’s Day.

23rd of TersemoonFeast of Common Kinsman
This holiday is celebrated by The Legion and its supporters. “The All Feast” as it is called, is an event to honor all those who are loyal to the Legion. Peasants, commoners. lords and ladies from all Legion controlled territories are invited to partake in a grand feast in the courtyard of the Ardent Keep. Legion council members and high ranking officials coordinate the event and dine along side those who attend.

17th,18th & 19th of FiredawnMarket Festival
This trade festival occurs in The Grey City and welcomes merchants, dealers and buyers of all kind. The three day event features the most exotic goods and commodities ranging from textiles and food, to arms and artifacts and everything in between. Vendors look forward to this gathering all year, many having become extremely wealthy from the exposure this holiday brings to their wares.

29th of HighsunMaiden’s Choice
This holiday represents the half way point of the summer and is traditionally an occasion in which lovers express their feelings for each other. Grand balls are held in celebration of this day, as well as gifting and flower giving. Those who believe in The Legend of Auria travel to Auria’s tears and pay homage. A feast is held on the northern bank of the lake just south of Willowdale, as well as a stage performance and a couples dance.

11th & 12th of FirewaneChallenger’s Tournament
This event has been held every year since The Grey City was erected. Competitors from all across the land flock to the city to battle for fame and fortune. The two day event has many different competitions and demonstrations including archery, fighting, feats of strength, and magic. The event culminates with the highly anticipated joust.

9th of AmberdawnFirst Emperor’s Day
Celebrated by The Covenant in memory of Ionnas Marcavius, this holiday not only represents the change Ionnas brought to Valcarnum, but also the change of seasons from summer to fall. A grand feast is held in Wolves’ Haven, along with dancing and musical performance. After the feast the current Emperor makes a speech to the attendees and leads the ceremony of roses at the base of Ionnas’ statue.

26th of LeaffallLast Harvest
This holiday is celebrated in recognition of the last fall harvest before the onset of winter. Feasting and wine drinking are customary on this day as well as bonfire lighting. Followers of Gaia believe that on this day their goddess’ spirit walks among them, granting them insight and strength for the harsh season to come. Rituals are held in open outdoor spaces where the faithful come to pay tribute, often times these ceremonies end with the slaughter of livestock or freshly trapped game.

16th of DeepnightHero’s Vigil
Celebrated in honor of men and women who died in battle, this holiday is observed differently depending on the region. The Grey City remembers the fallen from the Massacre at the Fetid March, while Legion Hold honors those who died at the battle of Hammercrown. Which ever conflict is paid tribute, this day is a day of quiet remembrance and solemn prayer.

15th of DeepsnowWinter Solstice
The celebration of this holiday is done at the halfway point of the winter season. On this day families rejoice in their survival thus far of the harsh weather and allow themselves to indulge on their winter food reserves. Spiced wines and salted meats are served at diner feasts and homemade gifts are given to friends and loved ones.

6th of WinterwaneMarriennel
Marriennel is a celebration of the winter’s coming end and is largely for the benefit of the children of Valcarnum. Adults tell the story of Elsbeth, The Witch of Winter, who is responsible for the darkening of the sky and the fall of snow that begins every Frostdawn. Elsbeth is a hideous being, so spiteful of the happiness that surrounds her that she seeks to plunge the world into an everlasting winter of misery. Tirelessly she performs a year long ritual to curse the people with eternal winter and Marriennel marks the eve of her triumph. In order to stop Elsbeth and ensure the coming of spring, her concentration must be broken with the sound that antagonizes her the most, laughter. On Marriennel children are encouraged to go outside and play to disrupt her ritual. Games and festivities are arranged for them and adults supervise the affair as they dine.


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