Children of Never Dawn

“Death does not free you from the Children of Never Dawn, it only makes you their slave.” ~Reynard Varison

The Children of Never dawn are an ancient society of Graveborn who worship The Stygian Lords and practice the forbidden magic of Saurinoxis. This vile magic can destroy the life force of a creature and grant its caster multiple effects. Saurinoxis magic can also reanimate the dead and grant extended life to those it is cast upon.

The Children of Never Dawn came into public view when The Primeborn Conclave enlisted them to help strengthen their armies during The War of the Hand. Their members would frequent triage camps to drain the injured or dying soldiers of their life force and impart it to healthy Primeborn soldiers. When these atrocities were discovered the Primeborn conclave vehemently denied any ties to the Children of Never dawn, and promptly vilified the group, going so far as to insinuate that all Graveborn should be hunted down and brought to justice. The years that followed saw hundreds of innocent Graveborn burned as Saurinoxis practitioners, and hundreds more driven into hiding.

The Children of Never Dawn have slipped back into relative obscurity, leaving no trace of their horrid consortium. Only ghost stories remain…

Children of Never Dawn

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