Glasswater Port

“Of all the places truly wretched in the world I can think of few others that are worst than Glasswater port.” ~Bavarus Blackmoons

Captain Archibald Danagher Colligan, often referred to as the sword of sorrow, is the pirate lord of Glasswater port. Before his villainous decline, Archibald was a kind seafaring merchant that frequented the port to see his darling, Meleera Glasswater.

Meleera’s father and Lord of the port city, Gorin Glasswater, forbade his daughter from having any outside relationships, especially with men. Since his wife Penelope’s tragic death, Gorin has become more and more demented, even forcing Meleera into an incestuous relationship with him as a way to remember his beloved.

After months of maintaining their secret love affair, Archibald and Meleera decided to run away together. On the night she was to escape her father’s wretched grip, tragedy befell the star crossed maiden. Lord Glasswater had somehow been alerted to his daughters plans, and caught up with her as she made her way through the center of town.

In a fit of rage and jealousy Gorin killed his daughter, strangling her to death as the towns folk watched in fear. As one final act of vengeance, Gorn placed Meleera’s head in a wicker basket and sent to Archibald who was awaiting his true love on the docks. Attached to the basket was a note which warned the young captain to leave Glasswater port and never to return.

Archibald, insane with rage, returned the next night under cover of darkness. He and his men rounded up all the citizens of the port city and locked them in town hall. Without a second thought Archibald set fire the the building and burned them all alive, cursing them as conspirators responsible for Meleera’s death. A worse fate awaited Gorin, as penance for his treatment of his daughter Archibald viciously removed Gorins manhood and tossed it into the sea. After hours of excruciating pain and torment Gorin was finally beheaded. Archibald assumed control of the port city from then on, ruling with fear and an iron fist.

Most believe Glasswater port to be haunted, where ghosts of the innocent still wander the streets in search of revenge. Criminals and lowlifes see the port as a place to hide out or trade amongst like minded individuals. Either way, any who pass through pay their respect to Captain Colligan, and make sure not to incur his wrath.

Glasswater Port

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