Graveborn command the powers of death and decay. As they grow in power, they become more and more undead in appearance, and some have even been know to unlock the secrets of immorality. All Graveborn develop what has come to be known as a corpse eye. This ink black eye functions as a normal eye but when touching the deceased, allows the Graveborn to wittiness the last moments of its life. Since the exposure of the Children of Never Dawn and the great cleansing that followed, most Graveborn have become reclusive, fearing wrongful prosecution and hostility.

Graveborn: +5 Necrotic resist, +1 Dmg on Necrotic attacks

Everlasting Decay
Immediate ReactionClose Burst 1 originating from enemy
Trigger: An enemy you can see is dropped to 0 hit points
Attack: Highest ability mod vs. Reflex; +1 for each bloodied enemy in burst
Hit: 1d8 + Highest ability mod necrotic damage. Enemies are weakened until the end of your next turn
Special: If an enemy is dropped to 0 hit points or fewer from this attack, regain the use of this power

Intuition: Insight as a class skill with +2 bonus

Corpse eye: Daily minor action, can touch a non living creature and see the last moments of its life. The power may provide a vision, a feeling, a smell or even a word.


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