“Magic on Valcarnum is no longer restricted to us fated few, those that now wield it grow hungry for our power and have become ravenous for our blood.” ~Bavarus Blackmoons

Craftborn and their unique control of magic are thought to predate all of Valcarnum’s known history. Command over the craft has never been a possibility for Truebreeds, only those few born with the gift of arcana in their blood could ever hope to wield such mystical power.

Fifty years ago, rumors began slowly spreading that magic was being used by those that had none of the discernible features of a Craftborn. Inexplicably, marauding bandits, reclusive hermits and degenerate hoodlums were seen using powerful arcane spells to devastating effect. Reports varied, but often shared the key observation that the eyes of these individuals were horridly bloodshot and the surrounding skin swollen with a crimson tinge.

Overtime these tales became more than just rumors and hearsay as the dark nature of what was going on became apparent. A process had been discovered in which the blood of a Craftborn could be refined and used by Truebreeds to temporarily grant them increased power and the use of magic.

Vicious needle contraptions have been occasionally found next to the drained husks of Craftborn, tools that would extract blood and mix it with a little known alchemical formula. The prepared serum would often be injected immediately to sate the cravings that would develop with its repeated use. Due to its reliance on the physical blood of Craftborn, this new form of magical ability would be dubbed Hemotheurgy or Blood magic. Those that partake in its vile practice are derogatorily referred to as “leeches”.

In recent years Hemotheurgy has grown from relative obscurity to near epidemic proportions, a calamity that threatens to engulf all of Valcarnum. Leeches roam the land looking for opportunities to further gorge themselves and have even begun gathering into coordinated bands. The Craftborn are now acutely aware of the spreading Hemotheurgy plague and are ever vigilant, often taking precautions to disguise their Craftborn nature. Dealing with the spread of Hemotheurgy is now at the forefront of the Legion and Covenant’s agendas, both factions viewing it as a criminal atrocity.


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