Massacre at the Fetid March

“I could do nothing to save them, no one could have. What lurks in that bog is maleficent and cruel, a true incarnation of evil.” ~Jerren Grath

The Massacre at the Fetid March refers to the slaughter of hundreds of soldiers and civilians on a reconnaissance mission to the Deadlands.

Thirty-five years ago Wellington Bottomsworth III funded the first ever research expedition to The Deadlands. Its purpose was to ascertain the source of the blight that was slowly spreading south and devise a way to stop it. This company consisted of Primeborn warriors sent from Grand Alarus, a retinue of Wildborn naturalists, and various other Craftborn workers. As the group reached The Fetid March they were ambushed by unspeakable horrors. Only one soldier returned. Jerren Grath told an appalling tale of giant twisted abominations rising from the muck and devouring the explorers as they scrambled to defend themselves. Only through his sheer willingness to survive was he able to escape certain death and make it back to The Grey City.

A memorial was erected within the Grey city to remember those brave souls who died that day. No further attempts to investigate the Deadlands or the blight line have been attempted.

Massacre at the Fetid March

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