The Primeborn command the powers of the elements. These craftborn are distinguished by their elemental like features ranging from fiery red eyes, to various hair colors including light blues and greens. The primes believe they are the greatest of the craftborn, formerly the rulers of Valcarnum before the war of the hand, they strive to regain the power they once commanded. Holding many high ranking positions in both the Legion and the Covenant , primes excel at politics and persuasion. However should the need for battle arise Primeborn are fearsome opponents, wielding earth, fire wind and water to devastating effect.

Primeborn: +2 Fire/cold/acid/thunder resist, +1 Att with fire/cold/force/thunder attacks

Aristocratic: diplomacy and intimidate are class skills with a +2

Power of the Elements
Minor ActionPersonal
Effect: Until the end of your next turn you add +1d8 to any damage rolls with the fire/cold/force/thunder descriptor. In addition enemies hitting you take 1d8 fire damage and are slowed until the end of their next turn. +2d8 at lvl. 11, +3d8 at lvl. 21. You may use the Pulse of earth power.

Pulse of Earth
Standard ActionClose Burst 2
Prerequisite: Power of the Elements must be active
Attack: Highest ability mod +2 vs. Reflex
Hit: All enemies touching the ground in burst take 1d8 + Highest ability mod damage, and are knocked prone. You fly 3 squares. +2d8 at lvl. 11, +3d8 at lvl. 21.

Elemental body: Daily, standard action. Non-combat action. Can assume an elemental form for 5 + half level minutes.

Body of Fire – At level 3 gain Body of Fire. You gain the ability to manipulate minor flames at a reasonable distance. You can both create fire or choosing to extinguish it.
At level 8 Body of Fire gains Dancing Flame. You body sears to the touch as you take on the properties of a dancing flame. You feel both nimbler and lighter on your feet, gaining +5 to athletics and acrobatics.
At level 12 Body of Fire gains Skin of Fire. Your skin turns red and you emanate a blistering heat. Gain immunity to fire damage.

Body of Water – At level 4 gain Body of Water. You glide through water with ease. Gain swim speed 8.
At level 7 Body of Water grants water breathing.
At level 11 Body of Water gains Form of Water. You gain the ability to transform your physical body almost entirely into water. In your new form you can squeeze through gaps which would have previously been unthinkable.

Body of Earth – At level 6 gain Body of Earth. Your body turns to stone increasing your weight dramatically and giving you Dark vision.
At level 9 Body of Earth grants tremor sense.
At level 14 Body of Earth grants burrow 4. This burrow only works through natural terrain and its capabilities are hindered when moving through hard surfaces.

Body of Air – At level 5 gain Body of Air. Gain the ability to control the winds in close proximity to yourself. Create forceful gusts that can push and pull objects.
At level 10 Body of Air grants the ability to hover one foot off of any ground or liquid surface and move at a speed of 3.
At level 16 Body of Air grants flight 5.


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