The Psyborn manipulate the powers of the mind. The rarest and most reclusive of all craftborn, the Psyborn are typically frail and weak. However, what they lack in physical prowess they more than make up for with mental might. Often thought of as the most dangerous of all craftborn for their abilities to read minds and foresee the future, they are highly coveted by the Legion and Covenant as advisers and consultants.

Psyborn: +5 psychic resist, +1 will save, +5 save vs any charm/dominate affects

Mental acuity: Perception as a class skill +2 bonus, Once per day can cast detect thoughts.

Mind Spike
Immediate InterruptRanged 10
Prerequisite: An enemy within 10 squares targets you with a non blast or burst attack.
Attack: Int/Wis or Chr vs. Will
Hit: Target is stunned until end of turn, and dominated until the end of its next turn.
Miss: Target is weakened until the end of its next turn

Detect Thoughts
Standard ActionRanged 5
Effect: Can detect thoughts on a single target after 3 minutes of concentration.
Attack: Int,Wis,Chr vs Will
Hit: Target's thoughts are perceived in various senses. The degree of success depends on how much the target's will defense was beaten by.


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