Summerwick Castle

“In the tower of masks, Lord Gracion awaits, a fiend without mercy, a fiend without a face.” ~Children’s nursery rhyme

Ladagrave Haskett, or Laddy as he was called was the son of Grecion, and Hope Haskett, lord and lady of the once thriving Summerwick Castle. Summerwick and its city were long known to be the pinnacle of high end art, fashion trends, and fine wine. For years Lord Grecion’s city thrived, their success peaking as his son young Ladagrave Haskett reached adulthood. Ladagrave was beautiful, a perfect human specimen. He stood 6’2” tall, flowing ochre colored hair, chiseled features and a smile that could weaken the knees of any female that met his gaze. As the time for Ladagrave to be married soon approached, Grecion held a massive gala event. The Summerwick ball was the social event of the decade. Nobles from far and wide attended in hopes of having their daughters wed to the prestigious Haskett family.

As they paraded Landgrave around the city in the customary presentation of eligible bachelor ceremony, a commotion quickly erupted amongst the crowd. A large fire had broken out in the commoner district. People cried out and pleaded for help but the nobles did not budge. Lord Grecion seemingly embarrassed by this turn of events began to usher the guest back to Summerwick castle. A distraught mother pled with Grecion to save her two year old daughter that was trapped inside their burning home, Grecion ignored her and continued to tend to his guests. Ladagrave however sprung to action, and ran fearlessly into the engulfed structure. Moments later he emerged, his fine clothes had caught fire and seared at his perfect flesh. Miraculously he carried out the child unharmed. As the hysterical child ran to her mother Lord Grecion raced to his son. He and Ladagrave frantically tried to put out the flames that were slowly enveloping him. After several excruciating minutes, the fire was out, but the damage had been done. Ladagrave suffered burns to most of his body, his long brown hair was all but burnt away, and his beautiful face was horribly disfigured. They say that Grecions screams could be heard for miles, reaching as far as the Elder peeks.

After that night Summerwick began its steady decline. Lord Grecion began spending the treasuries coin on healing his sons once handsome face. He erected a tower a few miles away from the city. A place to hide his son and his shame until he could find a cure. Grecion brought in Aegisborn healers of all kinds, but none could treat the scars. There were even rumors of Hemotheurgy being used as some type of remedy. After years of failed treatments, surgeries, and experiments Ladagrave Haskett had endured enough. He died in his sleep peacefully, a rare feeling in an otherwise torturous existence. After that Grecion locked himself away in the tower lamenting over his losses, they say he mutilated his own face as some sort of homage to his son, removing many of its features and appendages. More rumors spread that the Children of Never Dawn had come at the behest of the former Lord of Summerwick.

Many years have past since Ladagrave died, what locals remain tells horrifying tales that Grecion, now known as the fiend without a face, has gone completely insane, kidnapping local children to fuel his unholy experiments. In the forest surrounding the tower, dubbed the tower of masks, faceless young bodies are discovered, many of which bear horrible burn scars. The ownership of Summerwick castle was passed to Grecions distant cousin Danard Haskett. Danard works tirelessly to try and restore Summerwick to its former glory, but the disappearances, serial murders, and rumors of hauntings plague the castle and surrounding city. Danard has a 15 year old daughter named Annaleese, and a 18 year old son named Dytton.

Summerwick Castle

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