The Fetid March

“No amount of healing will restore these marshlands, the ground itself is forever scarred by suffering and death” ~Lusiteria Wanderling

The Fetid March is a swamp that lies just south of The Deadlands. This bog was once the sight of a battle fought during The War of the Hand.

One hundred and forty-eight years ago the Prime army was in pursuit of Krovax’s forces as they retreated back to Bloodwrath spire. The Prime army generals sensing victory, did not realize they were being lured into a trap. As they entered the mucky swamp, Krovax’s pyromancers ignited the oil that had been spread all throughout the mire. Thousands died horrible fiery deaths, but the worst was yet to come. Those who survived were charged with the horrid task of ending the suffering of their injured compatriots. Still breathing men were pushed down under the black sludge, the mud humanely soothed their blistered flesh, just before it filled their screaming lungs. The remaining troops solemnly marched forward, silently making their way towards the spire.

After the war those that were there told dreadful tales of the events of that day, some stories varied but the one thing that was consistent among all accounts was the putrid smell.

The Fetid March

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