The Grey City

“Money is the seed of all that is evil, and the Grey City is the tree which shelters those who would make a tyrant their master.” ~Marban Heartsbane

The Grey City has stood for hundreds of years as a Truebreed hub and major trading center. For over a century the merchant guilds ran the city, slowly building up their assets and expanding their borders. Forty-two years ago a young textile guild leader would set the wheels in motion to have the Grey City, and himself, become the most powerful and wealthy entities in the world.

Wellington Bottomsworth III proposed an idea to expand the river east of the grey city, making it wide enough for cargo ships to sail through. This plan would not only drastically increase the amount of trade in the city, but give them a pivotal thorofare that could be taxed heavily. As much as the other merchant guild leaders liked the idea, no one believed it would be possible to finish such a project in any of their life times, and thusly denied him the permission to begin. Refusing to take no for an answer, Bottomsworth began the project alone. Almost unbelievably, after only ten years his grand vision became and awesome reality, setting himself up to become wealthiest man in the world.

Since the construction of the canal the city and its holdings have grown immensely, spreading out in all directions like a spiderweb. Bottomsworth has bought out the remaining guild leaders and has declared himself governor of the Grey City. He has elected to continue the cities traditional neutrality, claiming no allegiance to either The Legion or The Covenant.

The Grey City

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