The Legion

“As one” ~Legion dictum

The Legion is a democratic faction that governs many territories and regions in the eastern hemisphere. Lords with lands under Legion control are expected to follow guidelines set forth by the council as stated in the Legion Codex. Slavery is outlawed, as well as banditry of any kind.

The original Legion was founded by Ionnas Marcavius after The War of the Hand. Years later, the Legion would become divided during an event known as The Severance. Ionnas would then go on to form The Covenant and claim himself Emperor.

The current sitting council members and there respective affiliations are:

Gabrien Glenmoore: Psyborn, High Consular
Marban Hearthsbane: Wildborn, Master of Beasts, Commander in the Legion Army
Bavarus Blackmoons: Primeborn, Treasurer
Reynard Varison: Graveborn, Master Lorekeeper
Lusiteria Wanderling: Aegisborn, Voice of the Legion
Aidan Black: Truebreed, High General of the Legion Army

The Legion

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