The Primeborn Conclave

“Glory to Alarus” ~Primeborn Conclave dictum

The Primeborn conclave was the former governing body of old, ruling over Valcarnum since the dawn of civilized man. The Conclave, situated in the Primeborn’s exalted city of Grand Alarus (Pendulum city), ruled with impunity for centuries before The War of the Hand. In the wake of this great war Valcarnum would see its darkest, and most troubled times, desperately seeking leadership from the absentee Primeborn. As a shadow of its former self, the Conclave chose not to answer the cries of the masses, rather they retreated to their beloved Grand Alarus and focused on preventing its destruction. This void in authority and indifference towards the needs of the people would lead to the rise of The Legion and see the once powerful Conclave fade into the annals of history.

Overtime the Primeborn Conclave would regain some strength and grow to resent the Legion for contesting their rulership of Valcarnum. Intent on regaining the power they believe to be their birthright, the Primeborn of Grand Alarus would unite behind Thelras Blackmoons and challenge the Legion’s rule. Ultimately this uprising would fail but would be forever remembered as the catalyst behind The Severance.

In the events following the Severance, the Primeborn Conclave would concede to the rule of the Legion. Per the terms of the Alarian Pact, the Legion must now always choose their Primeborn council member from within the bloodline of Grand Alarus’ ruling family. The Conclave is currently lead by Voltarius Blackmoons, grandson of the venerated Thelras Blackmoons, and father of Legion council member Bavarus Blackmoons.

The current sitting conclave members are:

Voltarius Blackmoons: High Executor, First Alarian
Rictor Sol: Conclave member, Coin Master, Second Alarian
Astaroth Idris: Conclave member, Third Alarian

The Primeborn Conclave

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