The Radiant Father

“All Father, lord of the heavens, guide our hands on this day of reckoning. Let Aofir’s will command our steel, and Garibus lead our fallen to the lands of summer. May Jazzara grant us wisdom and a light in the darkness when all other lights die out. Protect us as we raise our shields in defense of the innocent, and grant us victory on this field of battle.” ~Radiant prayer

The faithful of the Radiant father are a polytheistic religious group who believe in the existence of four deities. This religion is the largest on Valcarnum with tens of thousands of adherents known as radiants. Most radiants believe in all four deities, some prioritizing certain ones over others. Furthermore, the faithful believe in the existence of an afterlife, a place they call the Summerlands. They value humanity and living life as an upstanding citizen and good neighbor.

Radiants also acknowledge and abhor the existence of The Stygian Lords, considering them and their followers to be enemies of the All Father. The faithful believe that Kalinax and Saurinox were cast out of the Summerlands by Onir and condemned to walk for all eternity in the realm of shadows. Some denominations of radiants postulate that the Stygian lords are the first born sons of Onir while others scorn the thought and believe them to be wholly dark entities originating from the immorality of the original Truebreeds.

Onir: Often referred to as the Radiant Father, or All father, this deity is believed to have created Valcarnum, and the Truebreeds. He is also the father of the three other deities worshiped within the religion.

Jazzara: Oldest offspring and daughter of Onir, she is believed to be responsible for the creation of magic and the Craftborn.

Aofir & Garibis: The twins, and youngest offspring of Onir. Aofir is believed to be the deity of war and protection, worshiped by soldiers and travelers to aid them and keep them safe. Garibis is the god of death and rebirth, thought to be the transporter of souls to the afterlife. He is prayed to at funerals to help usher the dead to their final resting place.

The Radiant Father

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