Wildborn harness the power of the natural world and all of its beasts. Most develop animalistic features ranging from elongated teeth, small horns, or striped skin. The Wildborn, often referring to themselves as Fenrir, or the children of Gaia, are typically larger and more powerfully built than the average Truebreed. Most civilized people on Valcarnum have never encountered a Wildborn, only hearing stories of the beast-men that stalk the undomesticated lands near The Howling Coast. Those few who have met them and earned their respect have found them to be a fiercely loyal group who value family (their pack) above all.

Wildborn: +5 poison/disease resist, +1 att against bloodied foes

Feral might
Minor ActionPersonal
Prerequisite: You must have been hit by an attack this encounter
Effect: Until the end of the encounter you gain +2 to damage rolls and +1 to speed. If used while bloodied instead gain +2 AC, regen 2, and the use of Bite.

Minor ActionMelee Weapon
Prerequisite: Must be in Feral Might stance, must be bloodied
Attack: Str/Dex or wis +2 Vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d6 + Str/Dex or Wis mod damage, and you can use your second wind. 2d6 + Mod at lvl.11 3d6 + Mod at lvl. 21

Nature sense: Gains nature as a class skill with a +2 bonus and can communicate with all natural beasts.


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