“Tensions between the Legion and the Covenant are at a breaking point, threatening to tear the world asunder. Old hatreds stir as the Craftborn and Truebreeds cavil over the new Hemotheurgy threat that is quickly destroying the magic on Valcarnum. Violence begets more violence and the Grey City remains silent. The drums of war are calling, and you must choose your path.”

The world of the Valcarnum Campaign Setting is unique in several ways. Many familiar trappings of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game are missing or turned on their heads. Valcarnum is not a place of diverse races and species, robed wizards and divine pantheons. To adventure here is to enter a world in conflict and upheaval, one that delves into the darker natures of humanity and civilization.

Newcomers to Valcarnum have many things to learn about the world, its people, and its monsters, but the following characteristics encapsulate the most important features of the campaign setting.

Magic is restricted: Magic on Valcarnum is limited to only those who are Craftborn. With Craftborn being less than 5% of the population, it is rare to see things of an arcane nature. The normal DUNGEONS & DRAGONS rules relating to arcane, primal and divine sources of magic can be thought of as stemming from the Craftborn gift.

Gods are silent: Religions exist upon Valcarnum and the people hold a variety of conflicting beliefs. However, gods do not seem to answer the prayers of their followers and their existence is questionable.

Familiar races are nonexistent: Elves, Dwarves, Halflings etc. may exist but are thought of by many to be the stuff of legends and children’s stories. Sightings are reported infrequently and people are divided on their authenticity.

Factions rule most of the world: The majority of civilized Valcarnum is ruled by the Legion, Covenant, or the Grey City. These factions have different laws that govern their lands, some more harshly than others.

Hemotheurgy is a problem: This vile addiction has reached near pandemic levels, forcing most Craftborn into hiding and causing tension across all factions.

So heroes, adventure forth and learn all that you can. Information presented in the wiki is considered common knowledge, and may or may not save your life one day. Fair thee well, and welcome to Valcarnum!

Valcarnum: Drums of War

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