Valcarnum: Drums of War

Session 1

The War for Ashfort

Draza, after listening to his good friend Luka’s news gets up out of his chair, his mind set on the journey ahead.

Poros walks over to him and snides, “Oh and a street kid came in with this, says you misplaced it and should keep a better eye on it." He lifts up Draza’s bulging coin purse and Draza groans as he recalls his encounter with street urchins that morning.

Poros yells, "Hey! What were you guys doing in here. Breaking the glassware? You think this stuff doesn’t cost us money? I’m going to have to hold onto this purse and reimburses myself a littles. Come on, get going.”

With Poros ushering him out of the tavern, Draza’s thoughts wander to the task on hand. Luka didn’t give him much time and he had best hurry if he is to catch the caravan heading north.



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