Evermoore's Infinite Archives

“Life is a lesson and we are the students. Students eager to learn, study, and invent, all for the sake of passing the tests life puts before us. In this era we have the means to document our successes and impart our answers to all of life’s pupils, so why should the individual student struggle alone?. Does it not seem a travesty that humanity chooses to endlessly repeat the lessons of the past?” ~ Bartholomew Evermoore

These archives have stood for centuries, nestled high in the Kronnengar Mountains. They are named after their founder Bartholomew Evermoore, a fabled Psyborn historian who is accredited for amassing the largest collection of literature known to man. Bartholomew’s devotion to the preservation of knowledge was unparalleled, and the force which drove him to create The Curatorial Order of Historic Archival Documentation and Restoration. The Order, established to serve Bartholomew, would venture across Valcarnum in search of fragments of knowledge that could be chronicled within the great library. In his lifetime Bartholowmew would grow his archive to an astounding size and with the Order’s continual efforts over the centuries it would become a titanic monument to his legacy.

The archives are kept in pristine condition and serve as the destination for many scholarly intellectuals. The Order stands vigil at the gates, scrutinizing potential visitors, and only allowing entry to those they deem worthy. Once access has been granted, visitors may roam freely in the atheneum’s grand hall but are strictly forbidden from venturing into the inner sanctum, where only members of The Order may tread.

Much like The Grey City, Evermoore’s Infinite Archives remains politically unaligned and its affairs are managed by the Order. Interestingly, the library’s head curator and director for the Order always goes by the same name as the original founder, Bartholomew Evermoore. Little is known about the process behind appointing a new curator. Some speculate that there is a lineage of Evermoore’s that are duty bound to preserve the archive while others believe a worthy successor is groomed from among the upper ranks of The Order.

Evermoore's Infinite Archives

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