“Perhaps we should round up all the vagrants that beg at my door and load them onto the next galley to Holmesfirth, as a present to my dear old friend Baltus. They would make lovely new lords and ladies in his ramshackle little town.” ~Wellington Bottomsworth; Grey City Council meeting minutes, first fiscal quarter.

Holmesfirth lies on the southeastern tip of southern Valcarnum, just above Razorwind Island. This once wealthy port city is governed by the lascivious Baltus Von Abernathy and his numerous progeny. Since the opening of the Wellington canal, Holmesfirth has been in steady decline, losing much of its distinction as a pivotal trade destination and merchant anchorage.

Baltus, the former shipwright guild leader, is the last surviving member of the old Grey city council. He was bought out by Bottomsworth during the canal project and has since harbored a deep resentment and jealousy towards his former colleague. In his seventy-one years Baltus has been married countless times, and has sired more than one hundred children. His insatiable lust for young women has even extended to his own daughters, and the institution of the first nights rule.

Holmesfirth today is a filthy disease ridden port laden with prostitution, petty crime, and all manner of depravity. Commonly called “The Rats Nest” due to the incestuous and rapidly multiplying nature of Baltus and his kin, travelers do well to steer clear of this once bustling trade hub.


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