The Stygian Lords

" You might think yourself safe, bathed in the light while our servants are barred to fading shadows. But our embrace is for all and we are ever patient. The dead, in time, see all; and we will find you…" ~Kalinax as quoted in the Malus Voluminis

The disciples of the Stygian lords are a duo-theistic religious group who believe in the existence of two deities. This religion is small with most of its followers disguising their beliefs. Stygians believe that their dark lords Kalinax and his brother Saurinox will one day rise from their ancient slumber and walk Valcarnum as all powerful beings. The faithful also believe it is their duty to cleanse to world of their lords enemies, prioritizing those who follow the radiants path. Stygians value power, and strive to corrupt the land in the image of their evil lords.

Kalinax: The eldest of the brothers, Kalinax is the lord of lies, murder, and violence.

Saurinox: The parasitic lord, Saurinox holds domain over dark magic, decay, and disease. The Children of Never Dawn are among the faithful that worship Saurinox, going so far as to name their vile craft after him.

The Stygian Lords

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