The Wielding of Eternity

Oh how naive it was for the Disciples of Daybreak to think they would could control such an artifact through the ages. It is astonishing to consider that a creation shaped with such elegance could have a purpose so twisted.” ~ Excerpt from “A History of Artifacts and Antiquities Through the Ages”, by Bartholomew Evermoore

The origins of the great spear known as Eternity date back to an ancient society of Radiant Father followers known as the Disciples of Daybreak. The Disciples created the spear to slay a malevolent tyrant known only as Nocrithar. Nocrithar was the first possessor of the dreaded six fingered black hand and also the man responsible for creating the first sect of Children of Never Dawn. Nocrithar’s mastery of Saurinoxis magic was so great that the Disciples of Daybreak feared his death would not truly destroy him and crafted Eternity to act as a vassal to contain his soul. Out of a lust for righteous vengeance the Disciples sought to punish Nocrithar’s immortal soul and designed the spear to house its captive in a plane of pure suffering. The great tyrant was eventually impaled upon the spear ending his reign of terror on Valcarnum. Several millennium later the spear was sought after and uncovered by Krovax the Unliving but for what purposes only he and his servants would know. The artifact is thought to be buried within the ruins of Bloodwrath Spire, its history lost with the fall of Krovax and his followers.

Unbeknownst to the general populace not all of Krovax’s servants died in the final battle of the War of the Hand. Many of Krovax’s immortal progeny known as the Hollow guard fled from the Spire taking with them knowledge of Eternity among other secrets. An expanded history of Eternity was recounted by Avitus Brax during a meeting of the Brotherhood of the Bound.

You may be familiar with the legend of Eternity and perhaps you recall how Krovax would brandish the spear as a reminder of the price to be paid for failing him. What happened to my good friend Violus… our good friend Violus Sol is not something we should ever forget. It should remind us of why we cannot rest until the evil birthed within Bloodwrath Spire is extinguished by our hands.

When we first left Grand Alarus under Krovax’s leadership Violus came with us, he believed, as we all did in a greater future. He betray his father, second Alarian Vikus Sol who was perhaps the most adamant and threatening of Krovax’s opposition. The loss of his firstborn son would strike at Vikus’s heart and this amused Krovax immensely but it was to be only the beginning of the vengeance he would seek against his former colleague. When Eternity was uncovered it was shocking how quickly Krovax sought to use it as a tool of retribution. He bequeathed it to Violus and gave him but one order, to slay his father and return with his soul confined within the spear. However, Krovax’s hold over Violus was not as strong as he had thought. Perhaps Violus was the first among us to doubt our master’s methods and his new courses of action. Upon returning from routing Vikus’s army, Violus told Krovax of his failure and knelt before him with the artifact in his outstretch arms. I was there standing guard in the throne room when Krovax, with a delicate touch picked up the artifact. He looked at it, almost longingly, rotating it in the palm of his black hand. In an instant he let out a cry of rage and drove the spear downward through Violus’s neck. I watched in horror as my friend’s body turned to ash and crumbled to the floor. His blackened remains slowly began whirling around the weapon until a veritable storm of essence engulfed the room. Krovax lifted Eternity in one hand and thrust it upwards into the air, an expulsion of force radiated through the room and knocked us all off our feet. The whirlwind subsided, drawing itself into the spear, and Violus was no more. Krovax then returned to his throne as if nothing had happened. I remember him saying “If I can not have the father, than I shall gladly take the son.”

Life went on. Oh, how I have tried to forget what happened that day but I can not. For Violus’s sake I will never forget. It was from that moment on that I realized what we had become and that it could go on no longer. When we fought back at the fall of the Spire and the Hollow guard fled with our Brotherhood in pursuit I passed by Eternity on its pedestal. The spear was within my reach but I couldn’t bear to touch it. It was a vivid reminder of how I deserted Violus in his final moments. Eternity now lays somewhere in the ruins of Bloodwrath Spire but I think it best we leave it there and let Violus rest. If what they say is true Violus’s soul will have to endure an eternity of suffering.

The Wielding of Eternity

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