Grand Alarus (Pendulum city)

“Pendulum city and its ilk have long been ostentatious and debauched. I find it amusing that even from a hole in the ground they feel entitled to lead.” ~Emperor Neconis Marcavius

Constructed centuries ago as the Primeborn high seat, Grand Alarus, now commonly known as the pendulum city, once stood as a paragon of opulence, excess, and unrivaled decadence. The city was erected near the great marble canyon in the alabaster valley, and built of its lustrous white stone. Early on during Grand Alarus’ fabrication the Primeborn discovered that they were building over a massive Nihlium ore vein. Through a combination of artisan smithing and potent magic, this ore could be smelted into the hardest and most beautiful white steel on all of Valcarnum. Inevitably, the Primeborn’s greed and lust for material superiority would contribute greatly to Grand Alarus’ downfall. Decades of over mining and natural erosion slowly weakened the cities substructure, causing it to sink further and further down the marble chasm.

After the defeat of Krovax and the conclusion of The War of the Hand, a new faction rose to power, and demanded fealty from Grand Alarus. The Legion and its leader Ionnas Marcavius, rallied the hearts of the masses and convinced them that old traditions and archaic laws had no place in the new world. The Primeborn conclave begrudgingly disbanded, some vowing to regain their former glory at any cost.

Some years later Thelras Blackmoons, a former Primeborn Conclave member and General, began an uprising to overthrow the new Legion. This rebellion was quickly suppressed by Ionnas and the Legion army. Thelras’ head was sent to Grand Alarus as a warning to all those who would test the might of the Legion.

As Primeborn rulership quietly slipped away, so to did their beloved city. Grand Alarus came to rest 1000 feet down in the chasm, suspended by massive Nihlium cables and powerful primordial magic. As the west winds blow the great city slowly oscillates, swaying ever so gently, trapped for eternity in its beautiful marble tomb.

Grand Alarus (Pendulum city)

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