The Severance

“For all the good he has done, and all the prosperity he has brought, we still feel the pain of war. A cruel twist of fate that the entire Marcavius bloodline is doomed to fight for all eternity” ~Gabrien Glenmoore

The Legion was formed in 3E 05, five years after the defeat of Krovax, and the fall of Bloodwrath spire. The Primeborn conclave being wholly devoted to preventing their white city from plummeting to the bottom of the endless chasm, and rounding up and executing all members of the Children of Never Dawn, did not seem interested or able to rebuild the fractured civilization that Krovax had left in his wake. As the waning leaders deflected blame and pledged themselves to their fanatical witch hunt, a young general and fledgling politician named Ionnas Marcavius began forming a new nation right under their noses.

This new authority placed all craftborn and truebreed interests ahead of the archaic laws and petty traditions of the Primeborn, it outlawed slavery, and began the long and arduous reconstruction. Ionnas formed a democratic council which consisted of one of each craftborn discipline save the Wildborn, and a truebreed representative, with himself claiming the High counselor position. Once the Legion had established itself and gained the support of the people, Ionnas, the council, and the Legion army marched on Grand Alarus. Ionnas informed the Primeborn conclave that the Legion would be the new leaders on Valcarnum, and added that if they refused to submit they would be met with an overwhelming force. Embittered the Conclave conceded and swore fealty to Ionnas and the new Legion.

After a decade of peace on Valcarnum, the drums of war began to sound again. Thelras Blackmoons, a former member of the Primeborn conclave, reunited the once proud bloodline and rallied them to take back what was rightfully theirs. Thelras reformed the Prime army, and even convinced some Legion supporters to fight by his side. Upon hearing of this uprising Ionnas furiously demanded a council meeting to discuss his plan of action. He proposed that not only should the Legion raise their army and destroy the usurpers, but also denounce all traitors that have sided with Thelras and execute them. The council not wanting to start another war tried to convince Ionnas that diplomatic means are what is necessary to end this conflict, and even suggested offering Thelras the primeborn seat on the council. Incensed and feeling betrayed by his friends and his people Ionnas ordered the Legion Codex be brought before the council. With hatred in his eyes and rage in his heart Ionnas vehemently declared that he will be enacting an emergency decree as written in the codex, the Ascendance Covenant. This law states that in times of crisis the high counselor can supersede the council and declare himself Emperor should the best interests of the Legion be challenged. Emperor Ionnas rode out of Legion hold that night with his army at his back to meet the enemy in battle.

After a two year campaign Ionnas and his men defeated the upstart rebellion and swiftly eliminated all of its traitorous supporters. Upon returning to Legion Hold the Emperor was met by a standing army and the members of the council. Algust Glenmoore informed him that he is no longer welcome in their city and that the Legion’s purpose from its inceptions was to never bow to a single ruler. Glenmoore went on to say that the council had elected him as new high consular and that should Ionnas’ army take one step closer to Legion hold it would be met with swift retribution and total annihilation. Ionnas’ forces being wary and outnumbered we’re forced to concede and leave their former home.

Ionnas and his men traveled for months before finally reaching their destination, the laborious city of Wolves’ Haven. From his new seat Ionnas formed The Covenant, and began his reign. For over a century the Marcavius bloodline has ruled over the Covenants expanding territories, growing their lands to rival that of the Legions.

The Severance

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