The War of the Hand

“I am the the darkness before the dawn and the searing light that follows. I am vengeance eternal, the unstoppable force that will reshape the world as only I see fit. Look at all that I have wrought and tremble before the might of your new master.” ~Krovax the Unliving

Two hundred years ago in the year 2E 5373, the grim seeds of a world defining war would begin to take their vile roots, as a power hungry tyrant known as Krovax the Unliving plunged Valcarnum into unspeakable violence and despair. In his youth Krovax proved himself to be a charismatic and calculating leader, rising quickly through the aristocracy of the Primeborn to become a member of the Prime Conclave. His cruelty and immorality were boundless, eventually getting him removed from his high seat and exiled from Grand Alarus. After his banishment Krovax developed a cult like following which steadily grew for the next several years. With promises of power and youth everlasting, Krovax and his supporters traveled north and began construction on Bloodwrath spire as well as its surrounding settlements.

From this area now known as The Deadlands, Krovax began forming his army of constructs, undead soldiers, and magically altered beasts. His top lieutenants whom he dubbed his hollow guard struck out with these monstrosities and began sacking towns and cities throughout the north. Any capable men were taken into his expanding army of minions, having their minds altered to obey only their dark master. Women and children were taken as well to be experimented on or harvested for sinister rituals and vile magic.

With his power growing Krovax set his sights on his ultimate goal, finding the legendary six fingered black hand of Nocrithar. Ancient texts depict the hand as being forged by the gods in a time when they were thought to have walked Valcarnum amongst the Craftborn. Its purpose was unknown but all accounts describe the hand as being a potent artifact, whose wearer would be gifted with unrivaled power and immortality. Bards tell stories of how the sun did not rise for days after Krovax found the hand, foreshadowing the dark times ahead. With almost limitless power, Krovax continued his campaign of terror, slowly moving south enveloping every settlement he came across.

Once the Prime conclave realized Krovax was in possession of the hand, the battle lines were drawn. The Prime army began drafting every able bodied man and woman to fight for the cause. After several battles against the forces of Krovax, the conclave realized they were not only outnumbered but also out classed. Extreme and dangerous measures would need to be taken in order to combat the near unstoppable force that threatened to destroy Valcarnum. Slaves and criminals were forced to enlist, as well as any elderly man who could hold a shield. The conclave even secretly sanctioned the use of Saurinoxsis magic on their weak and dying to empower the prime soldiers.

As the war raged on bitter rivalries were reforged into staunch alliances as people set aside their differences to defend all that they hold dear. With the Prime conclave at the helm the people of Valcarnum rallied together under one banner and marched on Bloodwrath spire. After a grueling battle, the tower was destroyed and the hand recovered, thus bringing an end to the tyrannical reign of Krovax the Unliving.

The War of the Hand

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